Project Criteria

When selecting clients and projects, we collaborate closely with groups who are non-partisan and reputable within their own communities. The issues for resolution revolve around enhancing the lives of individuals and/or groups to benefit the community as a whole. We focus on non-profit projects and, while certain commercial aspects may come up, we do not normally work with “for profit” organizations.

FWB works with clients who show:

Strong partnerships

…with groups of concerned and dedicated stakeholders who demonstrate a high level of integrity

Strong focus

…on humanitarian issues and/or social problems

Strong commitment

…to delivering benefits to a broad segment of the identified population, not a special interest, religious or political group.

A project may be initiated by an individual, group or organization. Each request for FWB project facilitation is considered once the issues, goals, participants, and logistics have been assessed by the project review committee.

Ready to Go?

If these Project Criteria seem like a good fit for your organization or for an organization you know, the quickest way to begin the process is to go to our Project Application Form, a Google form we’ve created to elicit some preliminary facts about you and your work.

Click here to open the form. It will open in a new window (or tab) on your browser.

If you’d like to know more, you can use the links above to explore the website freely. Consider visiting Project Commitments to learn more about how we view our client relationships. Or you can write us at