Project Commitments

FWB Commitment

We commit to the following steps:

  • Determine project goals and outcomes, logistics and facilitation techniques with the FWB partner
  • Match facilitators with appropriate projects, taking into account experience, language, geography and resources
  • Provide a final summary of recommendations and resolutions
  • Follow-up with project partners to ensure implementation goals are met

FWB Client Commitment

We ask our clients to commit to the following steps:

  • Develop a workable project plan with FWB, outlining detailed steps to be taken to prepare and conduct the project
  • Assure all participants are fully committed to the project in terms of time, effort and resources
  • Indicate the availability of local resources that will be needed.
  • Agree to a contract outlining project specifications
  • Translate project proceedings provide translation of final report (where applicable)
  • Implement project solutions resulting from FWB facilitation sessions.

Please contact FWB at