Join us as we grow our community around the world! Volunteer roles include:

  • Facilitator
  • Program Manager
  • Workshop Support
  • Fundraising Support


Facilitators assist the community in-need understand their common objectives by guiding the creative problem solving process and to help the group achieve their goals.

FWB facilitators are required to complete a FWB Facilitators Application to be approved by the FWB Board. In order to be considered as an accredited FWB facilitator, applicants must have accreditation and/or training from a recognized institution. In North America, such accreditations include:

  • Osborn-Parnes CPS
  • Buffalo State Centre for Creative Studies
  • Synectics
  • Six Thinking Hats
  • Kepner-Trego
  • Grove
  • ThinkX Productive Thinking

The FWB Board will consider equivalent accreditation and/or training from other recognized institutions and programs.

Click here to download an application (.pdf file).

Program Manager

Involves comprehensive planning to help ensure a smooth and effective process for each project. A skilled project manager is essential to create and manage the relationship with the partner FWB community.

Workshop Support

Assists in FWB Facilitation sessions.

Fundraising Support

Assists in ongoing efforts to raise funds for FWB.

For more detailed information on volunteering, please email us at info-at-fwb-dot-ca.