Who We Are

Facilitators Without Borders (FWB) is an international, not-for-profit organization that provides facilitation expertise to communities in the developing world. FWB is based in Canada and comprises highly skilled facilitation practitioners from around the world with a wide range of experience in business, not-for-profit and government sectors.

Board of Directors

Our Facilitators

Peter Bouffard
Bill Brooks
Susan Brooks
Alison Cohen
Maggie Dugan
Lee Dunne
Tim Dunne
Bob Eckert
David Gonzalez
Mari Gonzalez
Paul Groncki
Karen Hodges
Tim Hurson
Franca Leeson
Dimis Michaelides
Leonardo Muñoz
Ilse Nuytemans
Kristen Peterson
Liesl Schoonwinkel
Brendan Schulz
John Sedgwick
Marcel Stolk
Mark Vandael
Olwen Wolfe

Click on any name to learn more about a facilitator. To find out more about how to volunteer as an FWB Facilitator, click here.