We partner with communities to help them create solutions and action plans to solve public sector issues.

The aim of the partnership is:

  • To explore creative alternatives
  • To find new options and better solutions
  • To develop a concrete plan of action

How does the process work?

FWB provides client communities with a process to identify creative, pragmatic solutions, as well as experienced facilitators who act as guides throughout the process. Processes used include the Productive Thinking Model, Creative Problem Solving (CPS), and other tools and techniques.

How do the facilitators work?

  • Facilitators enable the group to explore new options and agree on solutions. We bring the group to solutions not solutions to the group.
  • Facilitators work in teams with the necessary skill set, language and cultural understanding to effectively lead client communities through the problem solving process.
  • Facilitators keep the group involved and working together.
  • Facilitators are neutral process guides — we do not drive content nor influence interpretation.
  • Facilitators offer tools and techniques for groups to arrive at mutually agreed solutions — we do not fix the problem.

The FWB Mission

We believe that creative solutions can be found for even the most complex problems and that the best solutions are those that emanate from the team of people who are ultimately charged with solving them. We believe in partnering with communities to help them develop their own indigenous solutions by guiding the creative problem solving process.