What We Do

FWB strengthens communities-in-need through facilitated workshops.

FWB partners with community leaders and members to conduct practical workshops that enable the group to identify, discuss and formulate their own practical solutions to pressing issues.

FWB provides:

  • Facilitation expertise to foster collaborative problem solving.
  • Creative problem solving tools to find the best solutions to issues.
  • A forum for community leaders to channel their expertise and energy.
  • Coaching services for community leaders to develop their own facilitation skills.

Why we do it

Many communities worldwide have committed members who understand their community needs and want to make a difference in the lives of their peers, their children and their grandchildren.

There are often many ideas as to what to do to enhance their community, but not necessarily how to harness the expertise, energy and goodwill, to resolve a community issue to the benefit of all its members.

FWB is a catalyst to help communities explore and discover their own solutions to enrich their communities.

How we do it

FWB and leaders of a community-in-need meet to form a partnership and develop a plan that guides the facilitation process.

Together we determine specifics for the facilitated session(s):

  • Issues, expectations and outcomes
  • Representative participants
  • Cultural/language needs
  • Times, dates and location
  • Invitations and logistics
  • Facilitation and project teams
  • Conducting the facilitated sessions
  • Determining the plan of action
  • Reviewing & evaluating the process

FWB facilitators do not fix the problem, drive content nor influence interpretation. FWB facilitators are neutral process experts who guide the collaboration to aid groups in creating solutions.

Who is involved

FWB brings together three key groups who work collaboratively to share expertise, knowledge and know-how.

  1. Communities-in-need around the world, who have the desire and passion to enhance their quality of life.
  2. Facilitators + Professionals around the world, who want to share skills, enable others and learn about other cultures.
  3. Sponsors around the world, including corporations, foundations and concerned individuals who want to make a difference.