Paul Groncki

New York, New York, USA

An economist and student of consumer behavior by training, Paul has been a marketing professional for 30 years. Paul is a Productive Facilitator with ThinkX Intellectual Capital, Inc.

Prior to that he was the principal of a marketing, strategy, and business development group using creative problem solving techniques to help clients identify and prioritize their complex research and marketing needs. He serves as treasurer on the Board of Trustees for the Creative Education Foundation, on the Board of Trustees for Hudson Guild — 100-year-old+ settlement house in New York City, is on the faculty of the Creative Problem Solving Institute, and serves on numerous community organizations in New York City.

Paul has helped firms such as J. P. Morgan, HSBC, Bankers Trust, and Citibank develop marketing strategies targeting the sophisticated banking and investment management needs of affluent and private banking clients in the U.S., Japan, and Europe. Before entering the financial services industry, Paul was an associate scientist at Brookhaven National Laboratory where he modeled energy supply and demand responses to changes in energy pricing and availability using large-scale econometric and linear programming models. He holds an MA and doctorate in economics from SUNY Stony Brook.

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