Every organization has unanswered questions…

(… and some don’t even know what those questions are!)

Community organizations need:

  • workable strategies
  • effective project design and planning
  • a positive reputation or brand
  • sufficient resources: money, people, partnerships

In short, community groups need to solve problems and address opportunities creatively, innovatively, productively, and in a timely fashion.

We can help you do that!

“Where do I go from here?”

Our Facilitators

Franca Leeson

Franca is a writer, designer, facilitator, and trainer. She has a particular talent for synthesizing and presenting complex information. Her particular interest is in helping people and groups enrich their professional and personal lives by developing awareness, courage, and curiosity using a wide range of techniques and disciplines....
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This is just one of our volunteer facilitators. Click here for a complete list.

Our Clients say…

Your active involvement was critical in ensuring the realisation of lively and meaningful session in Cape Town. Many people appreciated the interactive format of the meetings. We sincerely appreciate your commitment in making FORUM 2012 one of your priorities. Even though it meant taking on additional and demanding work, you still volunteered your time and your energy. — COHRED Conference Organizers